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kalpte kal, akışta kal

Kendi gerçeğinle, kalbinle bağlantı kurmana yardımcı oluyorum. 

Ana sorun insanın kendinden kopması. Kendi ile olan bağının kopması.

Kendi otantik benliğinden kopup kendini içerde değil dışarda araması.

Peki insan kendi ile o bağı nasıl kurabilir?

Otantik benliğini nasıl ortaya koyabilir?

“Kalp gerçekten ne ister? Kalp kurtarılmak istemez.

Görülmek ister. Olduğu gibi ...”  - Jeff Foster.

40 Gün Meditasyon

40 Gün Meditasyon

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Describes herself as a student of life spreading her approach called “heart full living”. Semin is helping many heal who are wounded, who are looking to find their true self, who are longing  to express themselves openly using her “heart full living” approach which she describes as to be able to hear their hearts calling. 


She does one on one sessions, runs online programs and does retreats in which she helps seekers to identify their conscious truth. “The heart has only one answer” she bluntly puts and “heart full living” approach will help you hear it.


Semin’s conscious journey into her own  starts with an intention back in 1998. And inspired by this she created her manifesting intention bracelets and necklaces brand nyet design in which she uses stones specifically selected matching the vibrations of the intention voiced. 


Semin has a BA in sociology a MA in communications. She is a certified coach, compassionate inquiry practitioner and has kundalini yoga & meditation, hatha yoga, children & youth yoga teacher program degrees from global institutions. 


A mother of two and a wife of cardio vascular surgeon Semin says my life purpose is to help seekers journey to their own authentic truth which is embedded at the core of their heart.



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